Trip Preparation - The Instagram Husband’s Guide 2019

Are you travelling in 2019, and want to help your partner become more of an Instahusband?

In this series I’ll take you behind the scenes and talk you through all of my learnings over the past four years as an Instahusband. Expect posts to include; guides, tutorials, best practises, all with a focus on allowing you both to have fun whilst capturing amazing and engaging photos for Instagram.

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I’ve been with Ana now for over four years, she’s an amazing travel blogger and content creator. But as her Instahusband, it’s taken me this long to get to where I am today. With photography, there’s so much to remember and so much to learn, so for someone not confident with photography, it can be stressful and hard to find the enjoyment in it. Today I live to travel and create content with Ana, it’s something we love doing together. So let me help you find that same feeling with your partner too.

In this first post, I will cover off one of the biggest stressors and thus blockers to couples taking amazing photos. The planning and organisation of it all. Where do you start, where do you go, when do you go, what is the best way to plan it to maximise your time between photography and relaxing on your holiday?

Over these four years we've figured out a great system to do just this. So in this post I’m going to go into detail so you’re ready for your next trip.


1.) Researching your Instagram locations 

This is crucial, so do it before the trip. Trust me, the less time you spend wandering around aimlessly looking for a ‘cool’ shot the better.  The best thing that I can suggest is first search for location based blog posts, to list out the best places to see.

A simple Google will return countless posts around this. Obviously you will come across the most popular tourist destinations, but make sure you also pay close attention for blogs around ‘non-touristy things to see and do’. It’s often that these posts will reveal amazing places that will help your feed look more original, and promote better engagement as a result. Also, not to mention, taking photos in tourist hotspots is time consuming and hella frustrating at times. 


2.) Organising your locations

Next go in to Instagram and Pinterest and create a folder/board, and search by those same locations/ attractions. Start pinning and saving what you love from a mixture of travel profiles and blogger profiles. Also a hint here is to search for the increasingly more common posts around “The 10 best Instagram locations in X” - here is one I did for Amsterdam - My Top Instagram Spots in Amsterdam in 2019. The reason why you want to take the time to do this is you want to find bloggers posing in the locations you are planning to visit, this way you get a sense of the best types of compositions for those locations too. 

Also, another quick tip to find bloggers posing in locations - go on Instagram and search by the location, and then look under the ‘featured’ posts section. In here you will find the most popular photos - often these are blogger photography. Next click into their feed to find more photos in that location, bloggers will rarely ever take just one photo - trust me, I know. One note of caution though, I don’t ever advise copying bloggers’ work like-for-like, it’s super lame. But do feel free to use it as a guide for you to really put your own unique spin on it. 


3.) Plot these locations on a map

Next you want to compile a list of all of these amazing spots, and plot them on Google Map - I strongly suggest you do this as this is important for point 4! It’s very simple to do, you just pin each location that you want to see on the map so you get a really good visual of where you’ll be spending your time. This is always something really nice to do together! Here is a photo of the one for Istanbul.

Create your location map using >> My Google Maps

4.) Scheduling your photography each day

Depending on how long you are staying in the location, I would advise spending the first couple of days more focused on photography, as you’ll be the most motivated, and you’ll also have the highest energy levels. Tiredness and creativity do not go hand in hand, especially when you’re new to photography. During our recent trip to Istanbul, by day four we were both shattered, but because we'd captured what we wanted early on, we could really slow down and enjoy the last few days. 

Now using the google map you’ve created in point 3, next look over all the locations and put them into small groups (ideally groups of locations close together, or with great transport links in-between). Focus on doing a group a day ideally. Doing this means each day you have a plan of where you're taking photos, and importantly, it means you don’t waste time each morning figuring it all out! Each day, devote the morning and early afternoon to hitting these locations before stopping for a lazy lunch - trust me you’ll have earned it. Depending on how ambitious you are feeling, I would say aim for three to four locations a day from each group as you will want to spend the time actually seeing these places, not just taking photos. But how many you can actually take, really does depend on how spread out your locations are, and how long each will take to see properly. I would advise also taking a big bottle of water and some snacks in the bag because again, exhaustion and hunger are the killers of creativity.   

5.) When to visit each location

This one may seem slightly trivial, but it can be the difference between a good photo, and a great one. Believe me, there are few things more infuriating than visiting a planned spot for a photo, and it being plagued by gormless tourists with selfie sticks ambling along at 1 mph.

My advise for tourist hot spots is two fold; 1.) Use Google to figure out when are the least busy times of the day - generally, from experience, the best times are literally at opening time, or later on in the afternoon between 3-6pm. If it’s a particularly busy location, my advise would be to get up super early and even visit it at sunrise or just after as we for the square in front of the Duomo in Milan.

If you still find yourself surrounded by people, you should persevere and setup for the photo anyway. Make sure your partner is posed, and that you’ve taken a couple of test shots and you have the camera dialled in ready to shoot (more on this in future blog posts, sign-up to the newsletter maybe?). The reason for all of this preparation is very obvious, when the opportunity presents itself you both better be ready to go for it. Another piece of advice - if you’re struggling with tourists - try framing the shot differently by using close-ups to ‘hide’ the tourists behind your partner.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 13.57.59.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 13.58.49.png


So there you have it, the first post in this series on being a better Instahusband / Instacouple. To round it off, there is no doubt in my mind that planning is essential to your success with content. Planning is also vital to enable you to relax and also get a proper break, if you know what you want, you shoot it, and then your mind isn’t stressed constantly looking for amazing photo ops. You will come across spots naturally, but that way you won’t feel pressured to look for them.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far, like I said at the start, if you did indeed find this content useful, please drop me a comment and sign up to the email list - there’s plenty more of this content in the pipeline! 

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ABOUT ME   Day to day I work in a London based tech startup within the property management sector. However by night, weekend, and every holiday day I get, I’m a highly passionate photographer, with a love for travel, health and fitness. This blog is a means for me to share my photography portfolios as well as allowing you to follow my story and interests.  Follow me here


Day to day I work in a London based tech startup within the property management sector. However by night, weekend, and every holiday day I get, I’m a highly passionate photographer, with a love for travel, health and fitness. This blog is a means for me to share my photography portfolios as well as allowing you to follow my story and interests.

Follow me here