Street Photography London - Dusk In China Town - Cannon 650D

Heading out on this shoot, I was fortunate to be joined by a recent friend and well-versed photographer @james.hrrs (check him out on Instagram). James, is a mainly a landscape photographer, and boy are his photos good. However he is also great with capturing urban street scenes too. We got chatting on Instagram and decided to head out one night to shoot after work. James’s style and method of taking photos is very different to my own, and I found the whole evening watching how he framed and where he drew his inspiration from fascinating - needless to say, I learnt more in that 3 hours than I had in two months.

Pushing myself away from what I was comfortable with, and focusing on someones else's mindset and method was so inspiring. With just a glance at James’s feed, you can instantly recognise his style. One of his favourite shots is one I had never even thought of - shooting through or around a tight object in the foreground to better paint a scene of the background. I really tried to take his approach and incorporate it into these photos.

I experimented with a stone statue of a Lion or Dragon, and I think it really added to the photographs. My photos a traditionally very busy and I love that, but that often means its easier to lose the focal subject more readily than I if I took a negative space approach. But following James style meant that I still get a busy photo, but its easier for your eye to find the subject/ subjects.

In this shoot, another area as you can probably see is a stricter focus on capturing people. It’s a style I've been playing with for a month or so now, and this was the first shoot that I was pleased with. I think the main problem I was having before was poor framing, too simple or too busy, if you know what I mean. I think because China town is so busy, and full of so many wonderful details, it was so much easier to find or limit the details and then match that with a person centric shot. I’m really pleased with how these photos came out, and I will certainly be taking lessons I’ve learnt here into future shoots.

What did you think? Any photos take your focus - I would love to hear from you in the comments below!