Street Photography London - Grey Winter Days - Sony A7

One of the things I love do is just pick up a camera and head out and get lost in the hustle and bustle of a city or town. This method takes you away from the usual hotspots, and if you just follow your feet and what intrigues you, you will find things you wouldn’t normally.

Today was a just one of those days, I dropped Ana at Paddington early as she had a day of her own, grabbed a quick breakfast at Garfunkels right outside the station and then just headed south. I had one thing I wanted to try and shoot - the Royal Albert Bridge. Ana and I had driven past it numerous times when we moved between Ealing and South London and it had always taken our eye. So fully stocked up, and armed with all my gear, I headed out into the grey and drizzle on a mission.

Southwick Mews was the first thing I stumbled upon literally five minutes walk in, there are so many Mews across London, (Mews were once streets in London used to stable horses) and this one was as quaint. What caught my eye though was the greenery.


Next up was some further walking on my way towards Hyde park, this old fellow couldn’t of stood out more, so dapper with everything but the shoes - Nike trainers - a man who knows what he wants, respect.

I really love street photography, and it’s the people that really define it for me. I found shooting today especially hard, as I often still find myself lacking in inspiration for typically dressed people, at this point I still struggle to find the creativity in it, thats why with people who stand out, whether that be by classical dress sense age or other, Im on it.


My walk across the park was complimented by a breif heavy shower that saw me run to the lake and take shelter in what was an old boat house. Amazingly though peering further towards the bridge was this man stood boldy feeding birds like a champ. When the rain gave us, I rushed across the catch that photo, just amazing!

Leaving the park I was now near the Royal Albert Hall and all of the gorgeous red brick buildings that stand around in silent supporting of its amazing performances. I was so captivated by this red brick building especially. There was just so much to take it, so many details to focus on, its the sort of building that makes you think the architect just didn’t know when to stop adding things, but to their credit, its spectacular.

Before the skies opened and shut down all opportunties for shooting that afternoon, my walk through chelsea saw me finally reach where I had targeted that morning. This bridge is so incredible, its such a beautiful throw back to victorian London. I really like how the pastel vibrant colours bring life and fun back to this typical dreary grey london day, perhaps that was the designers original intentions. If it was, it certainly worked on me.

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