About Me


The top 5 things to know about me;

  1. I grew up in Dubai from the age of 12

  2. I have a degree in Engineering

  3. I want to found my own company one day

  4. I love tinkering with vintage bicycles, carpentry and hopefully soon vintage motorbikes

  5. I’m currently training for my 1st ever triathlon



Hi there, I’m Tom Fisher, my blog Beyond the Beard compiles my photography work alongside my active travel and lifestyle blog. Although thats perhaps a tad unconventional, thats who I am.

When I’m not out travelling or taking photos, I work my days in a fast paced PropTech startup in London, it keeps me busy, but I love what I do. Photography is my escape though, as it allows me to think creatively and escape the day to day life that is so easy to get caught up in.

What my Blog is About

Beyond The Beard Blog is a space for me to share my story and create content that maybe inspires others to find what makes them tick too. On this blog, I will largely feature my photographic work along with tips and tricks for those of you that are trying to learn like I am. I will also feature content from my travels, as well as my journey towards my first Triathlon this year.

My Start with Photography

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, and I was lucky enough to spend much of my university years around a group of friends who studied photography. I always really admired their work, but sadly I never tried it for myself then. The point I realised photography was for me though was during a trip in Thailand in mid 2017. We were there on a press trip, as Ana was promoting a new tour. Being in that environment actively trying to create inspiring content really struck a cord, and it was from there that Ana and I worked closely to create content for her feed (@Azul_Mistico). Ana taught me a huge amount in the beginning, but getting inspired and taking my learning into my own hands was where I really found my love for photography and content creation.